The Duke Meets His Match - My Review

As many of you know, Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book in the entire world.  I have read it more than ten times and I never tire of revisiting it!  In my opinion, Jane Austen was the greatest romance writer of all time.  The struggle between Mr. Darcy and Lizzie Bennett is one of the best known and greatly enjoyed battle of wills in all literature. Many writers attempt to emulate Jane Austen's writing and most come up short.  However, the conflict between the main characters in The Duke Meets His Match by Tina Gabrielle, strongly reminded me of P&P and I absolutely loved this book!

Chloe Somerton is the youngest daughter of an infamous art forger, who was well known throughout London and who swindled many of the elite upper class.  She and her two sisters opened and ran a printing shop after their father abandoned them.  Chloe however, was a sickly child and her medicine was very expensive, so she would pick the pockets of the wealthy, and sell her stolen goods in order to have enough money to buy her tonic for her cough.  She constantly saw herself as a burden to her sisters and felt that she did not contribute to their family as much as her sisters did.  Yet both of her sisters married well, so Chloe is now able to not only live comfortably, but she can have her pick of wealthy men to marry.  She finally decides on Henry, the Earl of Sefton, but what she doesn't count on is the young earl's guardian.

Michael Keswick, the Duke of Cameron, owes his life to Henry's father, who saved him in the war. He has his eye on Chloe, and will stop at nothing to protect his young friend Henry from the clutches of gold digging women. He recognized Chloe from when she would pick pockets many years prior, and he believes she cares nothing for Henry himself and has eyes only for the status and money that would come from a marriage with him.  Michael warns Chloe to stay away from Henry, but this only proves to incense Chloe and war between these two characters begins.  For as much as these two claimed to despise each other, they truly begin to feel something much stronger and more passionate.

These two slowly began to see each other in very different lights. Michael suffers from what was called "war sickness" but better known today as PTSD. Chloe does not see him as weak or less of a man when she witnesses these "attacks," but instead is understanding and exceedingly helpful.  His sickness is what caused him to reject marriage in the first place, but begins to reconsider when he can't seem to keep away from Chloe.  He warns her away from other men, especially Henry, but can't quite stop himself from falling in love with her. He finally decides he will risk everything to have Chloe, but then something triggers an attack and Chloe his harmed in the process. Will they eventually overcome everything in their path to be happy? You'll have to read to find out!

While reading this book, I really loved the character of Chloe. She stood up to Michael, was strong enough to have her own opinions, and did not shy away from the difficult parts of loving someone suffering from PTSD. She was an independent women in a time when most where held to the strictest of rules. I just loved her spicy wit and her ability to go toe to toe with Michael. The passion and the fire between these two was an awesome thing to read!

This was my first introduction to Tina Gabrielle, but I can assure you, I will be going back for more. I want to start this series at the beginning and learn about all the other wonderful characters in this series. If you love a good romance, with hints of Pride and Prejudice to them, don't hesitate to go out and get this book! I'm sure you will thoroughly enjoy it!



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